Registration online is closed. Please contact directly for registration before the morning of 9/15 if you wish to participate in the 2023 event.

Beginning in 2023, we will be using the FCA Southwest Region website for registration. You will need to register an account with MemberClicks (see below) to continue with registration. Pricing for 2023 excluding FCA membership is $800 for each driver for the weekend, inclusive of dinner for one for Saturday and Sunday nights.

The Hillclimb is an FCA sponsored event, and while you do not need to own a Ferrari, non-FCA members will now need to get a Ferrari Club of America membership. This is being done instead of the extra non-member fee we have charged for prior events.

Attendees who are not FCA members will need to: Join or renew FCA membership by clicking here. Once you have your FCA member number, enter that on the registration page linked below. Your FCA membership login will not be the same login as the link below.