Changes for 2022

  • This year we will be changing the run groups. Instead of having multiple groups, we will have two, and this will allow two driver cars to have the same number of runs as single driver cars.
  • New driver orientation will happen on Friday afternoon rather than Saturday morning. This will allow us to maximize the number of runs possible for each participant.
  • Helmets now need to be Snell SA2015 or newer. Motorcycle “M” rated helmets are not rated for fire and are not acceptable.


  • Passengers are allowed to ride with the drivers in the event at the driver’s discretion, provided that they sign a waiver and obtain a wristband.
  • Passengers must bring their own helmet, and the helmet must be Snell SA2015 or newer.
  • Roll-over protection is required in open top vehicles for passengers to be allowed.
  • Mandatory – must wear long pants, no sweat pants or leggings, leather shoes, no open toe shoes or sandals, long sleeve shirts are recommended.


The car’s stock safety equipment or better must be present and fully functional, a complete checklist is part of the tech sheet included in your welcome packet. We require at the very minimum long sleeve cotton, but strongly recommend Nomex, including gloves. Helmets MUST be SA rated, 2015 or newer, NO “M” or motorcycle helmets allowed as they do not pass fire safety testing like SA rated do.


Refunds will not be issued after August 15th. This event is run by a small group of volunteers who pre-pay for services and we do not have the resources to make up the difference if someone is unable to attend.

Drivers who pose a significant risk to themselves or others may be warned or removed from the event. This is done at the sole discretion of our safety coordinators. Participation in the event is subject to the permission and approval of the event operating committee at all times.