General Information

The Virginia City Hillclimb is a driving event that is intended for street legal (per Nevada DOT requirements), registered, insured road cars. Our full safety requirements are outlined in the tech sheet posted each year, and we do update them so please read the sheet carefully. This is not a traditional racing event – the Hillclimb is intended to be a fun, social opportunity to drive your car on a beautiful stretch of road without oncoming traffic or police, as fast as you are comfortable with. Driver comfort is key – our timing system and radio communications allow us to monitor you all the way up the hill, so if you’re unsure about a turn or line, don’t push it. You can always do another run, as long as you drive within your limits.

While we do time the event, we do not provide live timing, and this is in keeping with the spirit of the event. We strongly emphasize safety, however we do not require roll cages or other equipment that is destructive to your vehicle’s usefulness. Many participants daily drive their Hillclimb cars, and to keep it that way, we do require that participants strictly follow the staff instructions and drive in a manner that does not endanger themselves or others.

How We Keep Participants Safe

The casual observer may wonder how the Virginia City Hillclimb manages 300+ runs in a day while maintaining safety. At the heart of the Virginia City HIllclimb is bespoke timing software written specifically for the event. This software averages the run times of each participant for the timing chief, aiming to separate each vehicle by at least 30 seconds. What happens if a much faster car pulls up in line behind me? That’s where the software helps us maintain our margin of safety – the software will give the timing chief a countdown, letting him know when it’s safe to send the faster car. This allows our team to keep cars safely apart all the way to the top of the hill, allowing the corner workers and safety stewards time to respond if there is an incident.

Corner workers are stationed at each corner and are equipped with flags, radios and fire extinguishers. The corner workers monitor the condition of the road as well as the drivers. If you put a couple wheels off the pavement, or momentarily lose control, the corner workers will alert our safety stewards and one of them will come check in with you before you are allowed to make your next run. At the top and bottom of the hill we have EMTs stationed and ready, a fully equipped and manned fire truck, and Lyon & Storey county Sheriffs deputies. We also have the assistance of the Nevada Highway Patrol to help us keep wayward spectators, vehicles, and animals off the course while we are operating.

Safety Equipment Requirements

Until our fire crews are able to handle an electric vehicle battery fire, we are not able to permit all-electric vehicles.

The car’s factory safety equipment or better must be present and fully functional. A complete checklist is part of the tech sheet included in your acceptance email, and is also posted on the Tech Sheets and Schedule page.

We require at the very minimum long sleeve cotton, but strongly recommend Nomex, including gloves. Helmets MUST be SA rated, 2015 or newer, NO “M” or motorcycle helmets allowed as they do not pass fire safety testing like SA rated do.

Passenger Rules

  • Passengers are allowed to ride with the drivers in the event at the driver’s discretion, provided that they sign a waiver and obtain a wristband.
  • Passengers must bring their own helmet, and the helmet must be Snell SA2015 or newer.
  • Roll-over protection is required in open top vehicles for passengers to be allowed.
  • Mandatory – must wear long pants, no sweat pants or leggings, leather shoes, no open toe shoes or sandals, long sleeve shirts are recommended.

General Policies

Refunds will not be issued after August 15th. This event is run by a small group of volunteers who pre-pay for services such as the fire crews and meals, and we do not have the ability to make up the difference if someone is unable to attend.

Each entrant shall be fully and personally responsible for any damages caused to Nevada roads and/or equipment caused by the entrant.

Drivers who pose a significant risk to themselves or others may be warned or removed from the event. This is done at the sole discretion of our safety coordinators. Participation in the event is subject to the permission and approval of the event operating committee at all times.

Liability Waivers

These apply to anyone participating in the event in any capacity. Read them and expect to sign them at the beginning of the event.

Drivers / passengers:

Waiver for minors: