Safety Requirements to pass Tech Inspection

The car’s stock safety equipment or better must be present and fully functional, and a complete checklist is part of the tech sheet included in your welcome packet. We require at the very minimum long sleeve cotton, but strongly recommend Nomex, including gloves. Helmets MUST be SA rated, 2015 or newer, NO “M” or motorcycle helmets allowed as they do not pass fire safety testing like SA rated do.

Your vehicle must also be street legal, including up to date registration and insurance, because this event utilizes both closed and open sections of road. This is a major advantage over other hill climb events because you can run your car many times each day, however the standard road rules put forth by the State of Nevada still apply.


Entrants are evaluated based on vehicle, driving experience, and past attendance. Refunds will be issued to entrants on a case-by-case basis until August 14th, after which all sales are final. This event is run by a small group of volunteers and we have to pre-pay for much of what makes the event possible.

Drivers who pose a significant risk to themselves or others may be warned or removed from the event. This is done at the sole discretion of our safety coordinators.